antiweb cannot create documentation for Python 2.x programs

Overview of Installation Steps

  • Python 3.x
  • antiweb
  • (optional) graphviz for graphics

Python Installation

  • install Python 3.x
  • add python and the python scripts folder to your path

antiweb Installation

  • install antiweb
  • choose
    • latest official package from PyPI:
      • pip install antiweb
    • latest stable development branch:
      • pip install git+
    • latest cutting-edge unstable development branch:
      • pip install git+
  • antiweb also installs Sphinx as a dependency


use a program like cntlm when you are in a corporate environment with centralized proxy infrastructure: pip install […] –proxy http://localhost:8123 or set your http_proxy environment variable

Graphviz Installation

  • install graphviz
  • add the graphviz bin folder to your path